#210 – Websters Defines Podcast Titles As… [“i hate garbage disposal loitering problem”]

This week Dimes and Judas complete a work-appointed test on which types of people should survive in a doomsday scenario, a recent study that showed 60% of Liberal women identify as having a mental illness, and mid-dive into the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, including causes and effects. They segue this into an accounting of the Bronze Age Collapse, citing the book “1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed” by Eric H. Cline. They discuss how arguably he first significant internationalist trade network experienced to a variety of catastrophes which, in aggregate, collapsed one of the most advanced civilizations in history in a matter of decades, with significant parallels to the present historical period. Lastly, there is no Copepranos society this week because nobody wanted to talk to Dimes ACK WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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