#211 – I Employ A Uniquely Florid Definition of Neutralization [“So it costs down. for blowin holes in your life”]

This description is gonna be a no-edit cause Dimeschild was born immediately after this was produced, so: Dimes and Judas discuss a 4chan Certified Chud being arrested for making an anti-cop message and failing the “in minecraft” defense, France rolling out the prop guillotines once again due to No Money, and an in-depth discussion of how existing in a dissident pressure cooker may be superior to both protesting and rioting. They then discuss the history of the infamous Mongols, citing “The Mongols” by David Morgan and how the Vikings of Horses charted a oath of destruction across Asia, and what phenomenon conspired to have their once great empire vanish into the regions they conquered. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the great Uberboyo and they delve into the work of Friedrich Nietzsche, including his illness genesis, the difference between Slave and Master worldviews, and what form the Übermensch can take in the 21st century. Get in on it, it’s good stuff for real!

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