#218 – Sunzets are the Bisexual of Sky [“Karcher wd3 which I know what is thin”]

The Bad Optics Leaf Gods talk about viral sensation Mizzy and his campaign of terror against the White middle class, Canada’s deployment of Medical Assistance in Dying on the riff raff of society, and the electrifying rise of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) as the Democratic Party’s dark horse candidate in the American presidential election. This segues into a discussion of the book “Claws of the Panda” by Jonathan Manthorpe, a history of China’s infiltration into Canadian affairs and a detailed accounting of the Chinese Communist Party’s current authority in Canadian politics, business, and real estate. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the illustrious JF Gariepy on his book The Revolutionary Phenotype, covering several crucial points that were missed on the previous coverage of the book and adding important clarity, including the impetus to write it and the impact it has had since its publishing.


2:07 – Jim Norton, Regular Joe

7:51 – Betrayed by the Diaper Snakes

15:38 – Corkscrew Penis Koreans Can’t Commit Crime While Buried Alive bit

10:07 – Mizzy and the Accepted Terrorism of the White Working Class

24:12 – The Piers Morgan interview of Mizzy

29:18 – Defending Yourself Ruins Your Entire Life, Citibike Karen

34:48 – The Systemic Justification of the Antisocial Pathology

47:23: Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) as Liquidation of Corrupted Underclass

57:11 – Concentration Camps Were Really For “The Most Annoying Germans” bit

1:03:26 – Who is Robert F Kennedy Jr. (RFK)?

1:11:29 – The Durham Report was Released

1:15:20 –The Democrats can Steal and Launder Anti-Covid from the Far-Right

1:26:31 – Hillary Should Be Arrested Just So She Can Shoot Her Way Out

1:30:46 – Claws of the Panda Discussion Begins

1:35:42 – China will Not be a Global Superpower to Replace America

1:38:45 – the One Belt, One Road Initiative

1:44:15 – The Falun Gong and the Five Poisonous Groups Targeted by China

1:48:48 – The MSS, China’s Mao-Era Spy Network

1:51:21 – The United Front’s Propaganda Network and Recruitment of Citizens

1:58:11 – Maple Leaf Schools and Canadian Recruitment of Chinese Students

2:01:00 – Chinese Manipulation of Canadian Attitudes Towards America

2:03:22 – Canada Forges Aggressive Trade Relationship with Maoist China

2:10:40 – Canada Gets a Crash Course in Guanxi

2:16:51 – CCP Intrusion into Canadian Politics Through Business and Real Estate

2:20:00 The Sidewinder Report

2:28:26 – Justin Trudeau Pushes Through Sale of O-Net

2:31:36 – JF Gariepy Interview Begins

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