#222 – John Void Selling Grannies at the Latin Grammys [“in the blues musicians are doing all the vanguard”]

Our most controversial meandering-sode yet, Dimes and Judas discuss having your balls obliterated while coyote hunting, tips gathered from Dimes’ 3 month fatherhood anniversary, and why political handsomemaxxing can get you socially annihilated. This leads into a discussion of the book “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” by Samuel P. Huntington, […]

#221 – Speeding Up to Negative’s Pace [“Break in Japan thinks it up in Ontario”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the recent gamer moment concerning the Billionaire Titanic-seeking submersible, review the sexually mind-bending film “Beau is Afraid,” and investigate Lauren Southern’s uncalled for video explaining her divorce and why it is marriage’s fault. This miraculously leads into a historical investigation of Heartland Theory, citing “The Russian Empire and the World: 1700-1917” […]

#220 – Inside U There Are 2 Wolfs Gellied Meat Wolf and Divorce Wolf [“addict as the overton window”]

After taking a week off ACK Dimes and Judas are back with an easily too-long review of Fast X and the political ramifications therein, the likely ecoterroristic origins of the recent wildfires in Quebec, and the latest government extraterrestrial disclosures in the form of David Grusch’s reports to congress. This builds into a discussion of […]

#219 – The Papal Foreign Legion Sings Oorah Maria [“if you have studied german castles and the dude status”]

Dimes and Judas spend most of the time discussing infamous investing firm Blackrock and the investing paradigm known as ESG which allows it to project what some call “woke capitalism” from a higher position of authority. This leads into a review of the book “Willful Blindness,” a deep investigation into how Chinese organized crime Triads, […]