#219 – The Papal Foreign Legion Sings Oorah Maria [“if you have studied german castles and the dude status”]

Dimes and Judas spend most of the time discussing infamous investing firm Blackrock and the investing paradigm known as ESG which allows it to project what some call “woke capitalism” from a higher position of authority. This leads into a review of the book “Willful Blindness,” a deep investigation into how Chinese organized crime Triads, working in concert with the Chinese Communist Party, have constructed a narco-economy in Canada headquartered in Vancouver and launders money through casinos and real estate. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the enigmatic The Black Horse, CEO of the Beowulf Society and creator of The Red Ensign who breaks down the hidden geopolitical forces controlling Canadian politics, and the Laurentian Elite at the center of them.

2:29 – Scientology is Judaism 2 made by White Guys
6:46 – Devil Facial Tumor Disease
10:39 – Judas vs. Frugal Gay Recommending Tiny Prefab Homes
15:47 – Discussing Prefab Home Construction
20:05 – “Bullets would be easier.”
27:23 – Solution to Housing Crisis = Burn The Houses
37:02 – Black YakBak Smoke Detector Beep bit
42:24 – The Summer of Boycotts and the Role of Blackrock
45:42 – What is ESG?
48:37 – Who is Larry Fink?
50:52 – The Power Position of Blackrock in the American Economy
51:10 – Are Consumer Revolts from Low Class People Useless?
59:50 – It’s Important to Not Ignore Revenue Generation
1:03:38 – ESG Advocates Complain That Companies Fake It
1:07:35 – Judas Explains What the Entity Known as Blackrock Really Is
1:18:31 – Larry Fink is Not a Driver of Elite Theory
1:24:18 – Everyone Discounts the Influence of the Deplorables
1:30:58 – The Right Could Easily Love the Mechanism of ESG
1:36:31 – “Willful Blindness” Discussion Begins, Overview of Triads in Canada
1:40:12 – The Vancouver Model of Laundering Drug Money Through Casinos
1:42:35 – The Silver File, Silver International as International Money Laundering Firm
1:45:53 – How Cartels, Casinos, Fentanyl Factories, Law Firms, and Banks Intertwine
1:49:06 – The Big Circle Gang / The Big Circle Boys
1:53:37 – Real Estate Purchases and Land Development as Money Laundering
1:56:37 – The Canadian Refugee System as Triad Importation Program
1:59:12 – Judas Explains Current Triad Presence in Hong Kong
2:06:19 – Don’t Think of the Triads as a Civilized Organization
2:09:04 – The Chinese Criminal Influence on Enacting Canadian Law
2:25:31 – The Black Horse Interview Begins

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  1. Miot June 6, 2023 / Reply

    I have a theory about the fire alarm beep. Due to this sound constantly going off in the background blacks flock to basketball, since the sound very much sounds like sneakers on the court.They’re not even the tallest people on average in the USA. Imagine being constantly exposed to this sound from since you were a baby till death. Then i started looking up the battery powered alarm was invented/became popular which was the 70’s. Then I started looking up Basketball teams in the 70’s, many blacks but still mostly whites, 1980’s less whites till now where they’re an oddity. As more and more got exposed to the beeping from infancy they started flooding the fields.

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