#221 – Speeding Up to Negative’s Pace [“Break in Japan thinks it up in Ontario”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the recent gamer moment concerning the Billionaire Titanic-seeking submersible, review the sexually mind-bending film “Beau is Afraid,” and investigate Lauren Southern’s uncalled for video explaining her divorce and why it is marriage’s fault. This miraculously leads into a historical investigation of Heartland Theory, citing “The Russian Empire and the World: 1700-1917” by John LeDonne. The boyz discuss both the military and diplomatic strategies employed by Imperial Russia over centuries to centralize power over the Eurasian continent, the geographic laws that dictate foreign policy, and what nationalistic forces caused their downfall. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with the illustrious Raging Dissident, otherwise known as Jeremy Mackenzie, where they explore his experience in the Canadian military, his persecution by the Canadian government due to his activism, and the future of the Diagolon movement. If you don’t listen, you might as well get rich or die trying!


2:28 – The Dissident Right is a Decentralized Think Tank

7:21 – Robin Williams as Regan as Child Hitler Drawing

9:16 – Titan Submarine Going Missing (Pre-Implosion)

13:44 – Non-Zero Chance Children Smuggled Aboard the Submarine

18:16 – The Titan Submersible Catastrophe as Rebirth of Gamergate

21:18 – Movie Korner: “Beau is Afraid”

53:50 – Lauren Southern: BITCH WATCH

1:03:10 – What They Don’t Teach You in Pussy School

1:05:56 – Anatomy of a Girl Lie

1:11:26 – Lauren Southern Advocates Against Traditional Marriage

1:15:25 – Lauren Southern got Taumatic Memory Loss from Covid

1:16:51 – Woman Alert Moment

1:20:33 – Everyone Secretly Has Bad Relationships and Protect Single Moms

1:26:19 – The Type of Women to Go For

1:33:54 – “The Russian Empire and the World” Discussion Begins

1:37:25 – The Statesmen of the World Believe in Heartland Theory

1:40:20 – The Unique Geography of Russia Guiding its Foreign Policy

1:42:52 – The Relationship Between Russia and China and BRICS

1:48:11 – Core Areas, Proximate Zones, and Frontiers

1:50:59 – The Different Ways to Handle Borders

1:56:37 – Russia’s Subversion and Control of Poland

2:00:38 – The Birth of Germanic Nationalism as a THreat to Imperial Russia

2:03:06 – Summarizing the Internal Dynamism of Russia

2:07:58 – Geopolitical Realism as the End of Isolationism

2:15:56 – Raging Dissident Interview Begins

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