#223 – MUMU OGUN THUNDERSTRIKE YOUR THUG SHAKER [“despite having the Napoleonic wars and buying more Babely than me”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the mostly peaceful race war occurring throughout France, the political implications of Affirmative Action ending in America, and hunting chipmunks nakedly at night. This crescendos into an exploration of the true inventory of the wokeness phenomenon as well as an investigation of the concept of Turbo America, building into a discussion of the book “American Diplomacy” by geopolitical legend George Kennan which explains the history of American international relations and its tendency to maximize the moral imperative for powerplays and how this new paradigm prevents peace through balance. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Zoltanous returns to go through his recent investigation into the Order of the Nine Angles (O9A,) the history of its strongest soldiers, and how this has made him a target for pedophile transgender satanists.

1:36 – Elmer Fudd Judas at War with Varmints

9:30 – Jan6 Revealing Capitol Hill has Been Vacant for Decades

12:00 – Dimes Dreamed an Awful Millennial Adulting Drama

15:37 – The France Islamic Race Riots

18:57 – The Spread of Riots as Civilizational Fault Line Conflict

20:28 – Chinese Smuggled Into America Through Mexico

24:22 – The Media Feigning French Protest Fatigue

27:38 – What can be Done This Time?

31:29 – Boomers Being the Prime Defenders of Mass Migration

36:26 – The Death of Boomers and the Competence Crisis Finalized

44:20 – The Wagner Coup Attempt as Nostalgic Politics

47:46 – Michael Tracey Blaming the French Revolution’s Constitution

50:44 – Affirmative Action Overturned in America by Supreme Court

56:31 – The Broad Black Indifference to Affirmative Action Explained

1:06:45 – The Definition of Wokeness

1:10:53 – Globalism as an Exo Skeleton for Entropic Status Quo

1:12:30 – What Is Turbo- America?

1:24:00 – The Role of Turbo America as Engine of Western Wokeness

1:26:57 – “American Diplomacy” by George Kennan

1:28:59 – George Kennan Against the Universalism of Western Values

1:33:28 – The Spanish/American War and America as Empire

1:36:54 – The Uniqueness of Morality in American Diplomacy

1:41:41 – The Capacity to Pivot Ideologically After Military Engagement

1:45:05 – Imperialism as Changing the Status Quo of a Target

1:51:07 – The Normalization of Total War through Moral Diplomacy

1:55:43 – Zoltanous Interview Begins

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