#224 – A Holocaust of the Soul and Balls [“kenyan Sims it reduces easily pirated game”]

One of the boyzez all-time idiot sodes, they do their first ad spot for “Zeitgeist Reviews” (zeitgeistreviews.com,) figure their way through Asian TikTok animal cruelty cooking memes and provide a review of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. They then launch into a discussion of the hypergamy lurking within traditional relationship fandoms, citing several written exposés on the topic, and discussing the probability of having a normcore relationship at all in our historical period. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, we offer the recent appearance of Dimes on The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner where they discuss standing against the Canadian government’s latest financial attacks, Canadian music, and wild speculations on our technocratic future. This was attempted last year but the Rothschilds attacked the stream, so get it now!


4:02 – Ethan Ralph wWill Blow His Brains Out for a Superchat

10:41 – Disabilities are Amplifiers for Evil

14:52 – The Chinese Peasant TikTok Cooking Conundrum

23:21 – Chinaman/Mirror Currency Fraud Bit

25:09 – The Competency Crisis in Whacking Off

27:31 – Movie Korner: Guardians of the Galaxy 3

44:10 – Sponsor Segment: Zeitgeist Reviews

53:01 – “Show” “Housekeeping”

57:14 – The Traditional Marriage Crisis

1:00:17 – Rep. Lauren Boebert Divorces Husband

1:04:37 – Trad Wives Chasing Delusions of Grandeur

1:14:20 – Women Blindsided That Being a Mother is Difficult

1:20:23 – Delusions of Grandeur but Grandeur is Always Strange Penis

1:25:32 – Billionaire Psycho’s “Pygmalion and the Anime Girl”

1:30:15 – Porn as a Scapegoat for Mutated Female Empowerment

1:37:21 – Women Do Not Want to Negotiate Gender Dynamics

1:41:57 – A Defense of Breast Sanity

1:44:12 – Environment Driving Sexual Dynamism

1:55:18 – Hypergamy as Status Balancing

1:59:51 – The New Hypergamy of Education

2:06:35 – How to Seduce a Woman with Violence 101

2:12:29 – Ayatollah Interview Begins

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