#226 – Catalogueing the Ludicrousity of this Bullocksneedery [“gift hole brb going on literacy”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the whimsical sodomy implications of radio hit “Try That In A Small Town,” recent bewildering extraterrestrial disclosure events along with the psyop to fandom to politics pipeline, and a review of Wes nderson’s latest film Asteroid City. This leads into a discussion of the landmark text of geopolitical realist theory “Politics Among Nations” by Hans J. Morgenthau, where they explore the ideology of the status quo, the true meaning of imperialism, and the essence of naked self-interest through the pursuit of power. Lastly on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with wealth management guru Sean Wieland who explains how to prepare for the Grey Tsunami, how publicly trades securities doomed growth, and how financial exit planning can be harnessed to save the economy. What else could you want, dummy?

4:41 – Dads Advise and Mothers Lie

11:11 – The Antiwhite Reality of “Try That in a Small Town”

22:35 – Try That In My Gay Ass

24:45 – Blocked by Ezra Lavant on Twitter

29:06 – War of the Mids

35:16 – Movie Korner: Asteroid City

57:16 – David Grusch UF Disclosure to Congress

1:00:05 – The Inability to Stand Outside of a Psyop

1:11:12 – Reading Inspiring Alien Creepypastas

1:26:28 – Olivia Chow Elected as Mayor of Toronto

1:36:38 – “Politics Among Nations” Discussion Begins

1:39:37 – Realism as Self Interest Through Power

1:42:43 – Universal Moralism as a Blind Alley in Diplomacy

1:46:45 – The Ideological Significance of the Status Quo

1:48:31 – The True Definition of Imperialism

1:53:55 – Nationalist Geopolitics vs. Aristocratic Diplomacy

1:58:00 – Nationalism as a Conflict Amplifier

2:05:44 – The Impossibility of True Peace

2:09:58 – Sean Wieland Interview Begins

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