#229 – I am Become You, the Literally of Me [“Hilux in the garage door”]

In this definitive Everything Is Fake sode, Dimes and Judas discuss Meta blocking news in Canada due to a journalistic shakedown, the various conspiracy theories surrounding the recent wildfire that devastated Maui, and the increasing acceptance of geoengineering and the war on climate. This leads into an in-depth review Modern Monetary Theory, primarily citing “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” by Warren Mosler. Here Judas and Dimes investigate and even debate the existence of money, the role of taxes as a form of control, and the true nature of deficit spending in the interest of growth. Can fiat currency be used to fuel infinite growth with the right application? CHECK IT!

4:19 – The Truth Behind the Andrew WK Conspiracy Theory

12:00 – Meta/Facebook Blocking News in Canada

27:54 – The Collapse of News Conglomerates

35:08 – Capital Windfalls and the Limits of Right-Wing Organizations

49:20 –Maui Wildfire Conspiracy Theories Vindicated

1:02:42 – A Defense of Directed Energy Weapons in the Sky

1:11:09 – Robert Bigelow’s Stories from Skinwalker Ranch

1:18:22 – The Inevitability of Chemical Geoengineering

1:24:50 – Journalist-Coloured Lasers

1:30:46 – “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” Discussion Begins

1:37:37 – The Liberation of the Dollar from Gold

1:39:05 – Modern Monetary Theory Explained

1:40:45 – The Federal Government Does Not Rely on Taxes for Spending

1:45:15 – The Pensions Never Run Out

1:54:16 – Taxes as a Form of Spending Control

1:58:50 – Is Money Real?

2:12:59 – The Impossibility of Paying Off National Debt

2:19:19 – Warren Mosler’s Economic Policy Suggestions

2:23:28 – Mosler Automotive Design

2:25:53 – The Judas Take on MMT

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