#230 – In a Bear Market, there’s Always Room for Barted Bull Trading

Dimes and Judas discuss the apathy triggered by Trump’s recent arrest, a heretofore unknown Indian caste sneaking into academia, and the cruel legacy of microplastic neurological war on young generations. They then segue into a further discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing the book “The Money Revolution” by Richard Duncan. Here they dissect the story of the Federal Reserve, the rise of creditism over capitalism, and how America could win the current international technological arms race with aggressive investment. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes and Judas appear on The J Burden Show to discuss the work of Michel Foucault, specifically his works investigating the institutional imprisonment of criminals and the insane. From Darkness at Noon to In Cold Blood, no reference is safe!


2:37 – The Eastern Mind Loves Awful CGI
7:13 – Chinese Floating Fishing Cities have Licenses to Be Killed
12:14 – Show News and Livestream Update
15:32 – Donald Trump Mugshot Apathy
22:06 – Misinformation as the Hook for Median Voter Theory
33:20 – Eric Weinstein on how you Can’t Elect Anyone to Remove Constructs
42:12 – A Dilly of s Liar’s Pickle Concerning Not Shitting
45:07 – “On My Caste” UofT Professor Confession
53:09 – Medieval London Murder Map Discussion
1:01:21 – The Intergenerational Dysgenic Impact of Microplastics
1:23:27 – DARPA AI Scanning for Subtle Antisocial Behavior
1:33:38 – “The Money Revolution” Discussion Begins
1:39:11 – The Obstacle of Infinite Economic Growth
1:43:50 – How Central Banking Works
1:52:40 – Identifying Productive Forces to Prevent Inflation
2:00:41 – What Fiat Currency Is and the Rise of Creditism
2:09:51 – The 2008 Financial Collapse as a Case Study of MMT
2:17:35 – The MMT Plan to Win the International Technology Arms Race
2:29:10 – The Judas Plan to Win the International Technology Arms Race
1:31:07 – A Proposed Structure for Investment
2:40:07 – J Burden Show Appearance Begins

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