#232 – 15 Minute Walk Like an Egyptianable Cities [“brocc the idea of records”]

Dimes and Judas hash out recent online drama concerning a transgender influencer in the DR, intercept a story on ancient alien disclosure occurring in Mexican congress, and review the film Corner Office. This leads to a discussion on the essentiality of merging economics and geopolitics as a form of short-term forecasting, citing the book “Geopolitical Alpha” by Marko Papic. Here they explore the shift from the Washington Consensus to the Buenos Aries Consensus, coupled with the eternal importance of constraints over idealism. Lastly on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the enigmatic Charles Haywood, Owner of The Worthy House, and Founder of Foundationalism. They discuss his pathway to financial independence, how dissident minded men can prepare for collapse, and the nasty rumors of him being a cool warlord.

1:59 – The Hunt for 5G Black Goo

10:41 – The Evelyn Question

31:28 – Conservation Through Distinct Lines

44:21 – Movie Korner: Corner Office

59:24 – Mummified Alien Disclosure to Mexican Congress

1:07:44 – RFK Jr. Murdering a Woman During an Election Debate on Aliens

1:11:30 – No Bodies Found in Alleged Mass Grave for Aboriginal Children

1:21:51 – Avenging Burned Churches

1:27:43 – Geopolitical Alpha Discussion Begins

1:30:47 – The Shift from the Washington Consensus

1:34:42 – Newtonian Investors and Overreliance on Math

1:44:54 – The System for Financial Geopolitical Forecasting

1:48:22 – Media Voter Theory and Finding the Election’s Hook

1:56:54 – Examples of Poor Predictions

2:02:25 – Where to Dig Deep for the Right Information Flows

2:04:23 – Predictions for the Next Decade

2:10:08 – Charles Haywood Interview Begins

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