#233 – The Ripening of my Day Worsener Folder [“outlines a drug”]

Dimes and Judas discuss horny grannies acting out of pocket in America’s congress, #MeToo as an ideology-resistant form of social syphilis, and the shadows chemical causes of the obesity epidemic that has gripped the planet. This leads into an exploration of the prison of demands placed upon the individual in a democratic society, citing the books “Misbehaving” by Richard Thaler and “The True State” by Othmar Spann. Here the concepts of behavioral economics and corporatism are combined, presenting a social-metaphysical model for a modern guild system. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, we have the full 3-hour discussion between Dimes and the Prudentialist concluding their review of the book “What Went Wrong?: The Creation and Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance.” From the confused puppeteering of MLK to the persistence of Zionist radicalism, we finally lock down why Jews and Blacks aren’t on the same page.


8:02 – Judas gave birth to a Girl Liar

11:03 – Cruel Accusations of Uncrunchiness

14:53 – How we Evade Arrest for Wrongthink

16:58 – Lauren Bobert Caught Vaping While Horny

25:22 – Lower World Theory Shoutout / Humiliation Ritual Freezing

31:05 – Danny Masterson Infected with #MeToo VD

41:11 – Russel Brand Infected with #MeToo VD

1:00:33 – Chemical and Environmental Causes of the Obesity Epidemic

1:06:26 – WTF Happened in 1971?

1:14:46 – Medications and Antibiotics in the Water

1:20:10 – PFAS Forever Chemicals in the Biosphere

1:24:03 – Lithium Production Skyrocketing but Scant Testing

1:27:23 – Crisis of Modernity is All of Us Being Giants

1:30:28 – Misbehaving / Behavioral Economics Discussion Begins

1:41:55 – The True State / Corporatism Discussion Begins

1:44:46 – Individualism vs. Universalism

1:49:31 – Community as Segregated Spiritual Exchange

1:53:52 – The Structure of Estates

1:57:23 – Collectivizing Along Lines of Natural Law and Secret Societies

2:01:20 – Prudentialist Interview Begins

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