#31 – TH3 PR1DE 4PISODE [DipDip6969 Version]

Gay Pride is the topic of the day, It’s a whole thing about not pushing homosexual acceptance on society. Also, discussing journalism and extremism in that industry. Loving being an extremist piece of such and such. Black Mirror being terrible.  Defending Identity Politics. Bits. You know? Subscribe Below to Get Access to the Episode Timestamps: […]

#5 – Lucky Dragon Architecture [IdPol Supercut NSFL]

Judas talks about living in China and the role superstition and luck plays in everyday life. Dimes tries to turn it into a Serious Political Podcast and gets put on the pay no mind list. We talk a bit about deplatforming and all the Right-leaning or Right-associated entertainers being corralled off social media. Subscribe Below […]