#31 – TH3 PR1DE 4PISODE [DipDip6969 Version]

Gay Pride is the topic of the day, It’s a whole thing about not pushing homosexual acceptance on society. Also, discussing journalism and extremism in that industry. Loving being an extremist piece of such and such. Black Mirror being terrible.  Defending Identity Politics. Bits. You know?

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02:40 – Dating Indian woman named Browne
05:02 – Cyberpunk sucks, Sci-Fi Taken over by Libs
13:25 – Virgin boy eggs
14:58 – In Defense of Cold Takes
22:14 – The Answer to Late Night Talk Shows
25:27 – Dimes fights and Rapes Glenn Beck
28:10 – The Dimes Guide to Hot Takes
50:00 – Black Mirror (Se5_Ep1)
59:48 – “PREP” the AIDS drug
01:03:19 – Superior truth and inferior truth
01:07:40 – Retards for President?
01:08:45 – Unpacking “Pride”
01:16:37 – Identity and Multiculturalism
01:21:52 – Conclusions

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