#213 – Limbo Bizkit the Iron Age Puritan [“Snailmaxxing on the cusp of the ETH ecosystem.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss a recent development in the infamous Las Vegas mass shooting, then review the recent Willem Dafoe psychological thriller film “Inside” and rewrite the common depictions of sanity in fiction. They then dive into the book “The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age” by Richard Rudgley, where they discuss many discoveries that upset the modern understanding of advanced development in Old Europe, ancient manufacturing projects, and the spirit of distinct cultural innovation active in our misunderstood ancestors. Lastly, on this edition of The Coprpranos Society we present Dimes’ appearance on Prudent Observations with The Prudentialist where they review the book “What Went Wrong: The Creation and Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance.” Reaching back to the era of American slavery and running right up until Martin Luther King Jr. the two discuss pivotal historical moments that defined the strained relationship between these two groups.

2 comments on “#213 – Limbo Bizkit the Iron Age Puritan [“Snailmaxxing on the cusp of the ETH ecosystem.”]

  1. Timo April 18, 2023 / Reply

    1:54:46 Some even thought that them using flames in deep caves was a sort of a drug, due to limited wind flow the flames would cause the oxygen rates to plummet deep in those cave systems, inducing an oxygen deprived delirium.

  2. aafaf April 21, 2023 / Reply

    Gay Sex Status in this episode:
    Little gay sex posting at the history section, no full gay sex-update.
    For those starving for a gay sex update; it seems like the paranormies did post a new episode (S8 EP24) with such content.

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