#214 – N Hosers Combating Anti-Drunk-Driver Racism [“are astroturfed here to a cosmogonical chapter in”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the insider marketing baseball re: the Bud Light tranny canny controversy, and Canada’s public broadcaster furious at Twitter for assigning them the identification of Canada’s public broadcaster. They then expound the secret history of Atlantis, citing the book “The Empires of Atlantis” by Marco Vigato, gathering together ancient accounts of the lost empire and detailing the story of its multiple downfalls, and subsequent colonization. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with Philosiphicat, who shares her expertise on Julius Evola’s published works, astrological esotericism, and how everybody fails at truly living traditionally.


1:13 – Judas likes his coffee creamy and cold

3:55 – Whites are a Candy People

10:13 – Family Offering to help with New Baby but Never Meaning It

25:41 – Avoiding discussing Stormy Daniels and Trump

26:55 – Bud Light Tranny Partnership Controversy

58:08 – CBC Leaves Twitter, Denies Government Oversight

1:03:00 – Justin Trudeau jokes about paying off CBC for good coverage

1:15:00 – There will be no global internet OR journalists in the future

1:23:00 – Behavioral Data will become so corrupted as to be wielded to corrupt the market

1:28:00 – Discussion of Atlantis and Esoteric History begins

1:36:00 – Degradation of Atlantis from one land mass into several

1:39:00 – Geography of Atlantis

1:41:00 – Berossus List of Ancient Kings going back hundreds of thousands of years

1:43:00 – Original Atlanteans were descendants of gods

1:46:00 – Ancient accounts of Younger-Dryas impact causing floods

1:48:00 – Atlanteans were original Root race that founded subsequent ancient civilizations

1:52:00 – Atlantis was most likely the Mid Atlantic Ridge, connecting to Europe and North America

1:58:00 – Atlanteans were the first race to harness magic, turned to sorcery, punished by gods

1:59:00 – Younger-Dryas Impact Theory and the tilting of Earth’s axis, creating cyclical time

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