#215 – Bin Laden Laid to Rest in a Blue Cheese Sea I’ve Seent It [“Daily Manifestation by the Priest read the navy”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the conflicting accounts and implications of Tucker Carlson’s firing in the wake of Fox News’ court settlement, a relevant review of the HBO’s Succession, and Twitter eGirl drama that birthed a debate about if women should even have a say in genetic reproduction. They then discuss the book “The Sacred and Profane” by Steve Barney, a mindbending description of the exact divine entities at war with each other across the Biblical dimensions, the founding of Dragon cults on Earth, and what this has to do with UFOs. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes guests on The Pete Quinones Show and gets a rare opportunity to flex as an adman and discuss the finer details of marketing and persuasion. It’s good!


3:20 – Winning a House at Slots in Chicken Chip Casino

5:28 – Dimes called Daddy by Baristas

11:48 – Fishtank Pedophile Discovery, MK Ultra Home Alone House

19:46 – Tucker Carlson Firing Discussion

42:25 – Gay for Steven Crowder’s Divorce

1:00:00 – Succession and Dealcore

1:12:00 – Radfem Hitler and Women Unable to Be In Charge of Genetic Reproduction

1:30:00 – “The Sacred and the Profane” discussion begins

1:40:00 – The Seraphim Explained

1:42:00 – Cherubim Explained

1:46:00 – Archangels Explained

1:48:00 – Nephilim Explained

1:51:00 – Ba’al Religion of the Dragon explained

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  1. blaaaaa May 5, 2023 / Reply

    I want to start a petition to have a full gay sex update on every bloodsatellite episode.
    Make your voice heard and comment on the website fellow gay sex update enjoyers.

    U did it to yourself for having had like 2 gay sex updates in a row, that’s enough of a pattern and patterns are not to be broken.
    The crowd is hungry now for gay sex updates.

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