#216 – What’s a Hole Like You Doing in a Girl Like This

Dimes and Judas yuk it up about the suspicious return of Trump with no tangible policies, the political implications a Michael Jackson skinwalker wrestled to death on a subway, and Hispanics finally dethroning Whites as the primary White Supremacists in America. They then discuss “The Myth of the Eternal Return” by Mircea Eliade, a seminal work that establishes the significance of recurring creation rituals and the ancient man’s rebellion against both time and space. Lastly on this edition of Coprpranos Society, Dimes welcomes back the Ryan Turnipseed to detail his harrowing conflict with the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in the wake of popularizing controversy surrounding their promotion of social justice ideology and what appears to be a concerted effort to dismantle the church from within. It’s the best story you’re gonna hear anyplace!


2:22 – Oppa Heimer Style Le Bomb Killer

14:01 – Trump is Suspiciously Platformed by his Greatest Enemies

25:30 – The Kanye West Debrief

29:22 – Michael Jackson Skinwalker vs. PTSD Man, Final Subway level

39:29 – Progressives as Trauma Enjoyers

51:39 – Spite-Owning 13/50 to Get Musk

54:54 – Hispanic Nazi Mall Massacre

1:03:00 – Breathing Room Afforded by Nobody Caring about Dissidents

1:09:00 –CSIS Definition of Conspiracy Theory Forcing Everyone Offline

1:20:00 – Anti-Demoralization Idea Fight Club

1:36:00 – The Myth of the Eternal Return discussion begins.

1:41:00 – The sacred archetypes

1:47:24 – Tammuz and divine suffering

1:51:18 – The Death and Rebirth of the New Year Ceremony

1:56:48 – The Abolition of Profane Time and Space

2:01:37 – The gift of importance from cyclical time

2:13:15 – Ryan Turnipseed interview begins.

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  1. michi May 8, 2024 / Reply

    1:19:25 what was the thing Judas was talking about here? Did it get launched yet?

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