#227 – Skeletons Kickflipping Through Liminal Spaces Forever [“gooncamp But cabbage is seeking more cringe”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the first fat man in recorded history, Justin Trudeau’s impending divorce as Canada’s leading gay man, and the link between alien psyops and the LK-99 superconductor. This culminates in a review of an academic paper on the differences of mental pathways demanded by different languages, and the book “Disunited Nations” by Peter Zeihan. There they explore an impending future where America retreats from its unipolar economic and security position, thrusting the world into multipolar chaos, and some likely scenarios for which nations will come out on top and which ones will be in trouble. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with the illustrious Paranormies to discuss several developments in the conspiracy scene, but focusing on the mindbending esoteric rabbithole that is Andrew WK Deep Lore. It’s the shock to your system you didn’t know you needed, stupid!


3:13 – Old Wives Tale of the Wandering Jewish Executive

7:46 – It Takes a Village to have Obese Sex

12:28 – Discovering The Very First Fat Man in History

17:35 – Judas’ Real Estate Argument with Judasdad

23:28 – The Boomer Refusal of New Information

34:56 – Justin Trudeau: Divorced Gay Man

45:34 – Alien Discosure Wrapup and The Nerd Hypothesis

50:44 – The LK-99 Superconductor Revolution

58:18 – Down with the Clown Syndrome concerning Total Train Dominance

1:05:42 – Standing up to Big Wife on Extra Slaves

1:14:07 – Cutural Thought Patterns in Inter-Cultural Communication

1:25:07 – “Disunited Nations” Discussion Begins

1:28:55 – Limitations on the Jared Diamond Ethnic Worldview

1:32:57 – The Internal Disunity in Russian Leadership

1:35:32 – The Demographic and Financial Collapse Within China

1:42:04 – What is The American World Order?

1:50:15 – The Weakness of Canadian Trade in a Multipolar World

1:52:17 – Japanese Forecasting

1:55:14 – France and the Importance of the Geo in Geopolitics

2:00:32 – Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Power of the Middle Eastern Islamic Bloc

2:09:29 – The Reemergence of Turkish Influence

2:16:03 – Paranormies Interview Begins

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