#228 – Pseudcoiner Shorts Diamond Nanobot Suicide [“canada doesnt believe this is hell is sacred”]

Dimes and Judas review the historical legacy of Obama being gay, the social and political relevance of Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and Chinese anti-marriage psyops directed at the West. This leads into a discussion about a recent online debate concerning the relevance of violence in political change and the routing of these natural desires into inert fandoms, leading into a review of the landmark book “The Princes of Yen” by Richard Werner. Here they dissect the explosive growth of the Japanese economy in the 20th century as a product of centrally planned war economics, the power of the Japanese central bank, and the conspiracy within the financial leadership to revolutionize the economy through crisis. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits across from Dan Baltic, host of the New Write podcast and author of Nutcrankr, and the two discuss his latest work, the rising status of dissident fiction, and how literary success can remain uncorrupted from mainstream influences. It’s a certified hood classic this week.

1:52 – Horny Asylums for the Mentally Retarded

6:01 – Female Sexual Predators of Lesbian Gorillas

11:02 – Barack Obama’s Permanent Gay Legacy

22:08 – Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” Virality

36:01 – TikTok Viral Video about White Woman Rejecting Marriage

43:54 – Chinese Reproduction as Anime Speedrunning Into Sperm

45:30 – The Fitness Nazi Appropriated by the Violence Fandom

51:05 – Discovering an Alternative to Natural Political Violence

1:09:38 – Filling the “For What?” Space that Violence Automatically Occupies

1:29:17 – “Princes of the Yen” Discussion Begins

1:34:52 – The Japanese System of Total Economy

1:38:25 – Window Guidance

1:39:59 – America Didn’t Really Change Much After World War 2

1:43:31 – The Doctrine of the Organic Firm and Growth

1:48:42 – The Secret Dominance of the Central Bank of Japan

1:54:58 – The Bank of Japan Orchestrating Crisis to Inspire Reform

1:58:45 – Japan Treating Trade Like War and the Limits of Growth

2:02:29 – The Princes of the Yen’s Plot to Take Advantage of Recession

2:10:09 – The Maekawa Report

2:14:19 – Werner’s Ideal Future for Central Banking

2:21:51 – Dan Baltic Interview Begins

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