#234 – Stroke Victim BF Heart Brazilian Killary 2.0 GF [“Evidence of treating sex as long form the font”]

Dimes and Judas discuss women lying about being master fishermen, Divorced Cocaine Trudeau starting a war with India, and the trial of a Montreal writer for the Daily Stormer convicted by the therapeutic state for laughing at people who didn’t die in the holocaust. This leads to an investigation into the importance of secret societies and graph theory, citing the book “The Square and the Tower” by Niall Ferguson. They expound upon the fluid dynamics intellectual and revolutionary movements, and how to employ secret societies in the 21t century. Lastly on this edition of the Copepranos Society, Dimes welcomes back Clossington to discuss his recent article on the wild history of piracy and the harnessing of filibusters to realize manifest destiny in America.

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0:26 – Building a House With Your Ass

2:36 – Boomers Don’t Understand Dry Aged Beef

9:37 – Women Lying About Being Master Fishers

15:52 – Scanning Fake Michelle Obama Pregnancy Photos In a Trench Coat

25:42 – Envisioning a Future where we Weren’t Raised Canadian

32:29 – Justin Trudeau Accuses India of Assassination

39:42 – The Air India Terrorist Attack

42:33 – The Liberals Inviting a Nazi Legend to Parliament

47:12 – Trudeau Doing Divorced Cocaine

55:30 – Trudeau Making White Men Back Again

58:03 – New Show for Paywall Subscribers & Merch Update

1:01:43 – Sponsor: Axios Fitness Coaching

1:10:30 – Montreal Neo-Nazi Writer Jailed for Hate by the Therapeutic State

1:15:33 – The Medicalization of Penalization Explored

1:29:42 – “The Square and the Tower” Discussion Begins

1:33:57 – The Importance of Secret Societies and Closed Fraternities

1:37:57 – The Illuminati Were Real and Operated like Spores

1:46:45 – Graph Theory and the Function of Social Networks

1:53:42 – Examples of Secret Societies in Academia

1:57:07 – The Seven Insights on How Networks Function

1:59:16 – Anti-Node Behavior in the Dissident Right

2:06:35 – The Round Table and Hierarchies Wielding Networks for Conquest

2:17:23 – Clossington Interview Begins

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