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#196 – Temporarily Embarrassed Think Tankers [“grandaddy lived in court.”]

Dimes saw Black Adam and everybody is disappointed in him, which he tries to cover up by talking about the cool dad of the recent nonbinary Club Q (!!!) shooter. After expanding upon a recent case of a medically-assisted-death for the lamest Canadian messy-hairbun-owner ever, they review the documentary “Died Suddenly,” which explores the alleged […]

#195 – Gonna Need a Bigger Shame Cube Cannon [“kid and they going to mog on the line.”]

Dimes and Judas discuss possible reasons for a recent spike in child hospitalizations, Ukraine doing a whoopsie-daisy that almost causes WW3, and the recent collapse of the FTX crypto exchange along with all the exciting goss that is just waiting to be ripped out like copper pipes. This segues into a discussion of the book […]

#194 – Out of the Frying Pan and inna the Venn Diagram

Dimes and Judas spark it up on the latest Dimeschild developments and the social significance of moms obsessing over Girl Losers. They then highlight some key takeaways from the latest American midterm elections, like the long history of braindead or dead politicians and the necessity to have a psycho with a bomb vest as president. […]

The Erotic Human Sacrifice Monetary Theory

The BOLG Boyz dive back into trippy esoterinomics by reviewing the book “The Accursed Share” by Georges Bataille, where they stablish the inevitability of surplus in economic systems, the expansive history of wealth accumulation, and what we can learn from human sacrifice and occult violence to deal with it. Should we utilize economic hyperdeath? Just […]

Swami Antichrist vs. Christian Nationalism vs. Cow & Chicken

Dimes and Judas explore the infiltration of America by Eastern spiritualism throughout the 20th century with the book “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” by Seraphim Rose. Here a strong case is made that nihilism has spread throughout American society through the counterculture movement by adopting foreign spiritualism and grafting it onto the dominant […]