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#232 – 15 Minute Walk Like an Egyptianable Cities [“brocc the idea of records”]

Dimes and Judas hash out recent online drama concerning a transgender influencer in the DR, intercept a story on ancient alien disclosure occurring in Mexican congress, and review the film Corner Office. This leads to a discussion on the essentiality of merging economics and geopolitics as a form of short-term forecasting, citing the book “Geopolitical […]

#230 – In a Bear Market, there’s Always Room for Barted Bull Trading

Dimes and Judas discuss the apathy triggered by Trump’s recent arrest, a heretofore unknown Indian caste sneaking into academia, and the cruel legacy of microplastic neurological war on young generations. They then segue into a further discussion on the history of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and a wild plan to supercharge the next century, citing […]

#229 – I am Become You, the Literally of Me [“Hilux in the garage door”]

In this definitive Everything Is Fake sode, Dimes and Judas discuss Meta blocking news in Canada due to a journalistic shakedown, the various conspiracy theories surrounding the recent wildfire that devastated Maui, and the increasing acceptance of geoengineering and the war on climate. This leads into an in-depth review Modern Monetary Theory, primarily citing “The […]

#228 – Pseudcoiner Shorts Diamond Nanobot Suicide [“canada doesnt believe this is hell is sacred”]

Dimes and Judas review the historical legacy of Obama being gay, the social and political relevance of Oliver Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” and Chinese anti-marriage psyops directed at the West. This leads into a discussion about a recent online debate concerning the relevance of violence in political change and the routing of […]

#227 – Skeletons Kickflipping Through Liminal Spaces Forever [“gooncamp But cabbage is seeking more cringe”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the first fat man in recorded history, Justin Trudeau’s impending divorce as Canada’s leading gay man, and the link between alien psyops and the LK-99 superconductor. This culminates in a review of an academic paper on the differences of mental pathways demanded by different languages, and the book “Disunited Nations” by […]

#226 – Catalogueing the Ludicrousity of this Bullocksneedery [“gift hole brb going on literacy”]

Dimes and Judas discuss the whimsical sodomy implications of radio hit “Try That In A Small Town,” recent bewildering extraterrestrial disclosure events along with the psyop to fandom to politics pipeline, and a review of Wes nderson’s latest film Asteroid City. This leads into a discussion of the landmark text of geopolitical realist theory “Politics […]